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Alicia Tapp Tea Party Centerpiece

Alicia Tapp
Tea Party Centerpiece

Low-fire sculpture

Linda Nowell Drought

Linda Nowell
Thrown, carved, cone 6 glazed and stained

Ovidio Giberga
Sleeping Figure with Teapot

Terra cotta, porcelain, terra sigillata

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Mark Crutsinger
Elvis Sighting
Saggar-fired, ceramic

Bertie Smith
Hand-built with oxides and
textured glaze, low fire

Wesley Harvey
Christmas Tree Creamer
Slip-cast stoneware,
glaze, gold leaf


Mary Lea Trousdale
Teapots for Peace
Hand-built, low fire

Ryan Takaba

Dale Neese
Black Magic

Diana Kersey
Frog Teapot and Two Cups
Earthenware, alkaline glaze, sprig designs

Wesley Harvey
Yellow Dreams Teapot
Slip-cast porcelain, glaze, gold leaf

Bertie Smith
Jane's New Hat
Hand-built, low fire glaze

Linda Perez
Two Tea Bowls
Salt-fired, stoneware

Lenise Peres-Miller
Take a Guess
High-fire porcelain, cone 5

James Miller
A Shadow of Myself
Wheel-thrown, cone 5, mason stains

Alan Crook

Taaffe Caton
Naked raku with glazed
interior, porcelain

Jennifer Ling Datchuk

Linda Nowell
Quiet Refuge
Thrown, assembled, carved
stone 6 glazed and stained,
multiple firings


Allen Davis
Little Round Teapot
Wheel-thrown, salt-glazed

Judy Freeman
White Teapot
Wheel-thrown, altered high-
fire, spodumene glaze

Diana Kersey
Wiggle Eye Teapot with Cups
Earthenware, alkaline glaze

Ray Morales
Three's a Crowd
Wheel-thrown, altered,
high-fire porcelain

Donna Malson
White Boy
Slip-cast and assembled,
low fire, glazed

Wesley Harvey
Butterfly Jar
Stoneware, glaze