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"I think art is really a service. It can feed people, and like food, everyone has their favorites.  Sometimes my service is translating people's own vision for them in their homes in the form of murals or commission paintings.  I experience life as a productive, fruitful, ever-enriching present and future. This is what I paint.  Painting gardens, of species known and unknown, full of interconnecting, variable realignments and harmonious connections begins to convey the movement I sense about life.  I hope it feeds you." - Paige Holland

Paige Holland grew up in Houston, TX in a family of artists and designers. After graduating from Baylor University, she started painting mural commissions for designers in Houston. She honed her craft while apprenticing in a mural firm for several years in Houston then began painting commissioned work for her own clients. She has lived and worked in Houston, Los Angeles, and Scotsdale, settling in San Antonio for the last ten years.